• Pastor & Spouse

    Accommodation was beautiful...extravagant...very comfortable...provisions and supplies very good...hot tub was very enjoyable, great meals with great with great conversation...especially appreciated the hard work providing excellent options that worked with our dietary restrictions, yes...core issues were addressed...very much so...Bob did a great job of pressing in to make sure we got to the issues we needed/wanted to address...the process we walked through helped to get the conversation flowing again so we can continue to process ourselves...Yes, I really feel the big barriers to healing and relationship were addressed and the tools used to help process were very appropriately and effectively used...good council helped reveal blocks and give meaning to issues we felt but couldn’t articulate, good breaks for mental space...good balance and use of homework to keep us moving in our breaks, this time has helped us to begin to get back to a better communication pattern...to be able to share in a healthy way even in the mist of our hurts...I have hope that we’ll be okay again...I really appreciated Bob’s vulnerability in sharing his experience...it was so valuable to be working with someone who could understand what we were feeling...Bob was very helpful, very sensitive, and very easy to talk with.