What is Oasis?

Just like you want the best doctor for surgery, the best coach for your team, the best adviser for your finances, Oasis Leadership Ministries connects you with a cutting edge team of mentors for pastors, missionaries, leaders, and spouses. They are found at Oasis Retreats, Oasis Individual Focus Encounters, and proactively through Oasis Health Check Workshops. 

When you, your spouse, or your leaders are faced with some of the toughest times in your personal or ministry life, discerning your next steps for ministry, or simply wanting to keep up on your game by proactively checking on your spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being, having cutting edge people on your side makes all the difference.

We have the combined theological/psychological experience of over two hundred and thirty years helping nearly fifteen hundred others in similar seasons in a professional, understanding and confidential way to foster rest and healing, leading to hope and confidence to take the next steps in your journey. Oasis Leadership Ministries: Confidential, Committed, and Connected. Because Leadership makes the difference.

Choose from 3 difference Oasis Experiences


    Six-day/Five-night retreats providing a place to reconnect with God and work through personal and ministry challenges.


    With timely, preventative care, individuals and couples can be renewed and equipped for a long life of service.


    4 days/3 nights of one-on-one counselling and support for ministry couples or individuals in immediate crisis.

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