Mission, Vision and Values


  • Servanthood We are servants of our Lord and our lives are devoted to loving others with humility.
  • Integrity We are committed to quality, truth, and the fulfillment of promises.
  • Confidentiality We are committed to an atmosphere of safety, and confidentiality, encouraging everyone to be real and honest.
  • Proactive Care We seek to be preventive in nature by keeping those in ministry spiritually healthy, maritally harmonious and ministry wise.
  • Joy in the Journey We are committed to maintaining the total health and stability of all in attendance by caring for each other in practical ways so that we can serve with enduring joy.


To promote small group 5-day/6 night retreats for Christian workers in a safe, serene atmosphere, with a balanced schedule of teaching, personal counsel, rest, and recreation.


We exist to glorify God through building up His servants by providing a place of hope, help, and healing through counsel and understanding, equipping them to be able to continue in their ministry, refreshed and renewed.