• HC Workshop Attendee

    Did you find this Workshop relevant and/or helpful to you and your ministry situation? Excellent sharing and teaching, very encouraging...confirmed that we really are okay and doing good, showed us the areas that affect us and the importance of staying on top of it, just being with those I do ministry with was joyful to me, that material was great, I realized that there are people out there who understand what I go through, very helpful, rarely get to sit together with my spouse and listen to this kind of teaching, very practical, as you said our marriage and families need our best...not our worst, comforting to know we are not alone in these issues...that we can overcome them...thank you for the tools that we can apply...reminders to pray for each other and to take time for each other, most people rely on their home life to recharge their batteries...not realizing that their lack of effort at home results in poor performance at work...need to refocus and put more effort in at home. What did you like most about the workshop? The authentic stories, the exercises and the story of our ministry, practical information, speakers authentic, appreciated what both Bob and Penny had to share with us, the related styles stuff, the visual exercise with the blocks...it really brings everything into perspective, asking the right question about our relationship to each other, changing it up with couple exercises..men/women exercises and group, relational styles how we interact as a couple and the tools for building positivity were great, came from a place of being ‘real’...not having it altogether and going to the harder topics or places in our marriage rather than ignoring them...emphasized the priority that marriage should take in our lives, building positivity...5:1 Ratio, vocabulary of personalities, “Strengthening Ministry Marriages”, mapping is a way to see issues in a more objective way. Other comments: Thank you for all that you do...It’s awesome to see how much you love and care for pastors...I really love that we are able to do this now so young in our ministry...I wish my parents could have gone through this when I was younger, great job...thank you for pouring into us...blessings, thank you and God bless you and your marriage as well, thank you and thank you church leadership for investing in this. The workshop was top notch! Great job Bob and Penny. The whole day went extremely well!