• Workshop Attendee

    It validated how we feel about ourselves and the brokenness in our church and how we think God wants to fix it in a different model...build something new; great info on burnout and great to be able to hear what people are dealing with and how to work through it; I thought it was very relevant; embracing, helpful concepts, open talk dialogue led to good application; it confirmed for me many things that are going well in my life right now; it helped me process unnecessary expectations in life and ministry; I would say as a church we are on the edge of burnout; very helpful, great presentation, interaction, resources and material all relevant; relevant for my current situation; brought clarity to ‘tiredness’ and understanding myself better. Also provided tools for deeper exploration; entering into a new phase of ministry that will be more demanding. Good tools to mitigating potential problems (Preventative); very insightful and gave me tools for a healthy self and ministry; I found myself making many connections to our ministry team; spoke to heart issues where “l live”; first session this morning was great, Round table discussion was a good idea; a great, “safe” place to learn, grow, share and heal”; helped to make sense of the place we are in as we continue to recover from ministry burnout and clinical depression. Put some of our feelings and experiences into perspective. Thank you; the discussion and topics related to my ministry experience. I feel more at rest with being authentic with my ministry team and those I lead in the congregation.