• Pastor & Spouse

    Fabulous location and facility, views are spectacular, different rooms are picturesque and comfortable, beds and bedding are excellent, privacy is very good and there is spiritual peace, meals were unbelievable, yummy, definitely felt pampered, lunches and welcome baskets were a very nice personal touch, Pat and Peggy were wonderful hosts, Bob and Penny were professional, very engaging, discerning, warm, compassionate and passionate about bringing help to the relationship. You can tell there is more going on around you than just the encounter, so hospitable, what a great gift, core issues were absolutely addressed, I feel that for the first time we have received the help on the issues that affect both of us...That help came in the form of getting both of us to see some root problems as well as providing us with very practical tools to move forward. I feel like we are finally out of the ditch...no longer stuck. The car needs to be cleaned and the drive needs to continue, but I think we can stay out of the ditch...we can now move forward...I have hope! YAY! There is no question that God has gifted Bob and Penny for this ministry. They are uniquely gifted and the combination of their education and experience make them idea for this ministry...I finally feel like I received the help that I needed personally as well as the help I needed with my wife. Bob and Penny possess a good mix of skills and gifts, got the job done...the rest is up to us and I have hope, which is awesome. I love that you are Spirit led in your sessions and very intuitive, perceptive.