• Pastor & Spouse

    I couldn’t have asked for more from the sessions—thank you so much. You didn’t waste time, were on time, and ended when you said you would. Great insight, sensitivity, and speaking into our lives was really beautiful. One on one with Bob was just what I needed. I think each day you correctly read where we were at and what we needed. If you’ve only done these intensives twice you are fast learners. Thanks for the good God-focus throughout. I felt like I had my core issues addressed. I felt a bit guilty...like I high-jacked the sessions a bit because I was unaware of what was in there that I needed to come to the surface. This gave me a good starting place for further future work. I felt that the insight and questions—the direction we went with topics was very surprising/discerning. I didn’t expect my week to go like it did. Taking some time with family of origin issues was both really painful but very freeing and affirming too. I felt that your (Bob and Penny’s) warm, understanding and accepting attitudes was very helpful for me to let down my guard and engage in the process. Overall, the process of participating in the Oasis Intensive was very good. Powerful, painful, releasing, enlightening and hopeful are all the words I would use to describe this experience. I have the hope that I can work toward healing and growing. I feel like now that I am aware of what is inside me, I can choose to acknowledge it and continue to work it out. Thank you for helping me to get to this place of awareness, empowerment and hope. Thanks also to all who prayed for us and that God is so good in His mercy and grace.