• Missionary Couple

    Hosts (Pat and Peggy) were sensitive to where we were at, did not intrude but were graciously available, our accommodations were faultless, beautiful...could not have been better, suite was large, comfortable, clean, full of amenities and most of all, restful, the grounds were a great place to experience the outdoors, meals were delicious, well prepared, fresh, abundant, felt like they were especially for us, bent over backwards to accommodate and spoils us with food, WOW! We experienced a balance of tenderness and firmness with Bob and Penny. They were able to lead, guide and push wherever necessary. They used a combination of love, identification and wise insight to bring God into our lives to help understand what I am going through. I have more hope now than before I came here. I did not feel like any program was forced upon me. Bob and Penny skilfully helped me find the direction I needed to go in and walked through the issues with me. They were willing to listen, and did not have the answers before I asked the question. Yes, we got to what I thought were core issues. It was very valuable to be able to work through some of our arguments in front of you, and to receive your insights into our habitual ways of (non) communicating, and to hear some ideas of better ways to relate. That was so practical and helpful. Having you give feedback to me about how I come across was not easy to hear but was sure necessary and good to know. You were a pretty good mirror for me to be able to see more honestly where I was at. Your ways with us were pretty direct and gracious. I really valued the spontaneous prayer times when difficult areas were touched. And I appreciated how you wouldn’t settle for surface answers but pressured us and challenged us with truth. The generous use of your car was a real gift, as were the tip about cheap move night and the excursion to the monastery. Thank you, Bob and Penny! At the start I thought one session per day would hardly be enough. Then, after the first session I changed my mind. It took the rest of the day to try to process what those 2 ½ hrs. brought up. At first, I also thought it was too much free time, but pretty quickly began to experience the value of down time, maps, walks in this beautiful nature, and conversations with my husband that arose during restful breaks. Before coming here I had no idea what to expect. I did not even know what I wanted to happen or what I needed. What I did know, was that I didn’t want someone to try and “fix me” into the image they wanted. I knew I was broken. I didn’t want pity or anyone to tell me what to do. What I did want was someone to help me discover what was wrong, point me to God to find a solution(s) according to God’s mind. I know I can hear from God and know He wants to speak to me. Right now I just need some help. I don’t want someone else to be responsible for the success of failure of how I respond. If their suggestions don’t work perfectly it is important that I am not able to blame them. But if I just get help and discover God’s plan myself, I can take total ownership of it. I believe this is what happened during the past 5 days. Thanks Bob and Penny...I honestly can’t think of what we would desire differently. I’m so grateful for God’s perfect timing of this, for the individualized week, for the understanding that God has given through you two, Bob and Penny. My hopes were actually realized through this week. Oh—and the first 2 days at Cedar Springs was a perfect place to rest up, and be before coming here. God has truly overwhelmed me with His care during this whole time. Bob and Penny, thank you so very much for following Jesus and His call upon your lives to minister to people like us. What you had to offer us was exactly what we needed. God has used you in incredibly significant ways in our lives. You are now part of His redemption story in our own story. We are grateful.