• Pastor and Spouse

    Amazing location, very warm and inviting, meals were outstanding, amazing, and abundant, hosts were very caring and encouraging, all our core issues were addressed, worked through some tough things and got pushed in areas needed, I realize where I need to be more direct in some conversations that still need to happen, good balance, any more time working would have been too taxing for me, the time away, the setting, all created a safe environment for being vulnerable, I wouldn’t change anything, I feel this is a wonderful ministry which is very much needed, having the partnership with Twin Creeks is a perfect blend, Bob was great facilitator, very caring and wise, it is very evident that he has a passion for this ministry, he was very helpful in helping us deal and realize our issues and feelings attached to them, there was a good balance of him sharing about his own experience that opened me up, he pushed me to deal with areas I hadn’t, but in a gentle way by explaining the benefits of doing the work and the costs of not.